• And away we go…. Saturday, March 13, 2010

    A bit of an introduction is in order. I’m Scott Martelle, a veteran journalist, including a dozen years as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. And in a bit of an experiment, I’m going to be your guide here watching and parsing the latest developments in legal issues involving the civil justice system, notable court cases, challenges to Americans’ access to the courts and trials by jury, and the contingent-fee system that we have all taken for granted for so long.

    Oh, and some politics, too, particularly the California attorney general and insurance commissioner races.

    A caveat: I’m not a lawyer. Never even played one on TV, as the old joke goes. And except for defending the right of everyday people to use the courts to redress wrongs, this blog has no agenda. We’ll be peeking into some corners often overlooked by the media. And linking you to stories you were too busy to catch on your own. Who knows, maybe we’ll even break a little news every now and then.

    So book mark us, or add us to your RSS feeder. And let us show you around.

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  • California’s Tort Wars: Election Day by the numbers
  • Mike Villines edges ahead in GOP Insurance Commissioner race

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