• Did Steve Poizner lose a vote? Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Well, we’ve got a pretty good indication of who Arnold Schwarzenegger likely WON’T be voting for in the Republican primary to replace him as governor — current Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

    The Sacramento Bee reports that Schwarzenegger (or at least his spokesman) is displeased with the cameo role Poizner’s people gave him in a new ad trashing rival, and front-runner, Meg Whitman.

    Since this is a primary, the Republicans are involved in the usual roller-derby effort to get the conservative vote (conservatives tend to bear extra clout in GOP primaries). The new Poizner ad links Whitman to President Barack Obama‘s stance on immigration reform; says that Whitman, “like Schwarzenegger,” supports continuing state benefits to people without legal documents; and ties Whitman to U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer — the Democrat most likely to get conservatives to foam at the mouth — and government funding for abortions.

    The zing at the end: “After Arnold, don’t we deserve a Republican?” Schwarzenegger press secretary Aaron McLear responded: “I totally forgot [Poizner] was running until I saw that ad. We get that he’s desperate to be relevant, but extending his anti-immigrant campaign to Austrians? That’s just mean.”

    Oh, and the SacBee calls the ad “misleading.”

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