• FDA recalls “bodybuilding” pills, warning they contain steroids Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    The FDA and an on-line pill seller announced a recall of several the company’s products, warning they contain steroids that can damage livers, shrink testes, and cause breast enlargement in guys.

    The company, bodybuilding.com, is based in Idaho. The Idaho Statesman quotes a company official as saying the FDA action has had little impact on its sales.

    The FDA’s announcement says 65 products sold by the company are being recalled because they contain”Superdrol,” “Madol,” “Tren,” “Androstenedione,” and/or “Turinabol.” The list of products have such names as Black China Labs Straight Drol, Bjorklund Methyldrostanolone, and Monster Caps

    A review of the website shows the company markets products to adults and teens. Some so-called dietary supplements can be particularly damaging to younger people whose bodies still are developing.

    Here’s what the California Legislature staff wrote in an analysis of a 2004 bill on the topic:

    “The dangers of anabolic steroid abuse have been well-documented by medical research. They include long-term and short-term damage to the body, including heart failure and liver disease. Both the use and the discontinuance of steroids have been linked to profound psychological harm, including deep depression and suicide ideation. In children, steroids cause the early onset of puberty and can permanently stunt growth by sealing growth plates in bones too soon.

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