• Kelly drops another $2.45 million into his AG campaign Friday, June 4, 2010

    With less than a week to go until Tuesday’s primary, Democratic Attorney General candidate Chris Kelly dropped another $2.45 million into his campaign on Wednesday, bringing his total personal outlay to $9.6 million. That means he has donated half again as much to his own campaign as the rest of the Democratic contenders had spent — more than $6.1 million through May 22 — combined.

    Which gives us a chance to link to these two short pieces in the Sacramento Bee, a couple of Q&As with Kelly and Kamala Harris, who seem to be the biggest dogs in the hunt among at least five Democratic contenders for the Attorney General nomination. It’s impossible to know what went on in the interview with the Bee’s editorial board, but it’s odd that while the Harris piece lays out her positions on specific issues — i.e., personally against the death penalty but would enforce existing laws — the piece on Kelly makes it seem as though he’s running against Meg Whitman.

    And he doesn’t think voters will reject him because he’s rich — rich enough, he says, to finance his own general election campaign, too. Kelly, you’ll recall, made a pile as the former privacy officer for Facebook. The Bee interview didn’t say whether Kelly thought voters might hold that against him.

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