• Rocks start flying in Dem attorney general race Thursday, May 27, 2010

    With the noisy rush to the right by Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner in the Republican gubernatorial primary, it’s been hard for the candidates for the attorney general nominations to get much air to breathe. But things on the Democratic side have livened up a bit the past few days as Kamala Harris‘s people filed a complaint that Chris Kelly‘s self-financed campaign might violate state elections laws.

    Kelly’s people blasted back with some speculation that Harris might be susceptible to Bar Association action over her handling of the growing crime-lab controversy in San Francisco. And to reinforce the point, Kelly went on the air today with an ad introducing voters outside the Bay Area to the controversy.

    You know, if they had thrown some of these rocks earlier, they might have actually ginned up some interest in this race.

    Given how little most voters know about any of the attorney general candidates, what this little dustup does is limit the race effectively to Harris and Kelly, separating them from the pack of five other Democrats, including former Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo. But it’s a race with low-profile candidates across a large electorate. And without much compelling drama, it will likely be decided as a low-turnout bit of name-recognition and endorsement-waving.

    So Kelly’s going on the air will help his profile. But it will also help Harris’. The question is, which one will the attack ad help more? We’ll let you know June 9.

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