• Sam Zell called for a deposition in the Tribune bankruptcy case Thursday, June 17, 2010

    You know, they could probably sell tickets to this.

    It looks like Sam Zell, the man in charge of turning the Tribune Company into a case study in how not to buy a media conglomerate, will be sitting for a deposition June 28 as the corporation seeks to emerge from bankruptcy protection.

    Zell, you might recall, can be a little testy when challenged by questioners, as seen here in this now classic encounter with his new staffers at the Orlando Sentinel, just after he took over Tribune, which owns the Los Angeles Times.* The money quote comes right at the end, as his new employees are applauding.

    My, how warm and fuzzy. Well, at least fuzzy. And in keeping with his classy character.

    Of course, no deposition is a done deal until, well, it’s done, so if I were a betting man I’d put a quarter down that Zell will find some way to delay or get out of this. But maybe that’s just my “classic … journalistic arrogance.”

    * I worked at the LA Times until my job was cut in September 2008.

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