• They wanna be elected* Monday, March 15, 2010

    Wednesday’s the deadline for filing for the June primaries for the California attorney general and insurance commissioner races, so we thought we’d give you an overview of who says they’re in. Note that none of these are official. The Secretary of State’s office won’t certify the candidates until April 1. (For those of you keeping score at home, The Green Papers does a pretty good job of staying on top of the filings and declarations in all the races).

    And also note that we’ll be keeping an eye on both races in the coming months, in part because both jobs matter to the legal community. But we also doubt the major media outlets will offer much coverage, particularly for insurance commissioner.

    Both the major parties are facing stiff primaries for the attorney general nominations to replace Jerry Brown, who’s off on this back-to-the-future thing.

    Seven Democrats have talked about or declared they are running: former Los Angeles city attorney Rocky Delgadillo; San Francisco district attorney Kamala Harris; Chris Kelly, the chief privacy officer for Facebook; Assembly members Ted Lieu, Pedro Nava and Alberto Torrico; and Mike Schmier (whose website is not active).

    The Republicans have a shorter list to deal with: Los Angeles district attorney Steve Cooley; former Chapman University law school dean John Eastman; and state Senator Tom Harman.

    Among the fringe parties, Peter Allen is running for the Green Party (no web site yet), Timothy J. Hannan for the Libertarians, Diane Beall Templin for the American Independents and Robert J. Evans for the Peace and Freedom Party.

    In the insurance commissioner race to replace Steve Poizner, who also has another job in mind, so far for the Republicans it’s Mike Villines, a one-time aide to Gov. Pete Wilson and current Assembly member from Clovis, and lawyer Brian Desmond Fitzgerald (so far there’s no web site). Three Democratic contenders have declared: Hector de la Torre, an Assembly member from South Gate in Los Angeles County; Dave Jones, an Assembly member from Sacramento; and Patty Berg, former Assembly member from Eureka (no web site yet).

    Among the fringe parties, Sue Bergman has declared for the Greens, Richard Bronstein of Encino for the Libertarians, Clay Pederson for the American Independent Party and Dina Padilla for the Peace and Freedom Party.

    If you’re running, and we missed you, drop us a line.

    * With apologies to Alice Cooper, who in 1988 jokingly said he was running for governor of Arizona under the slogan, “A troubled man for troubled times.” We can relate.

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